Advanced Online Shopping Platform

Zinopi is a New Multi Category E-Commerce Platform With a Powerful & Innovative Online Marketplace. It is established in Singapore since June 2020 and Registered Online Shoppers has crossed 120,000 from 82 Countries. is an Online Marketplace with a unique rewarding program that allows our Online Shoppers to turn their shopping into earning and also receive a host of happy benefits NOT AVAILABLE in other conventional online Marketplace.

Zinopi also the World First Multi Category E-Commerce Platform with 6 Multiple Income Plans! Included Blockchain Tokenomics, Franchising, Spend & Earn, Live Streaming, Wellness Products, E-Learning and Entrepreneurship Training Program. Everyone can register for free to become our Online Shopper. By having minimum 10 referral Online Shoppers, everyone can also apply to become our Online Merchant plus can earn Customer Loyalty Reward Points from 10% up to 40% as their passive income. It totally free to join, Shop to Save and Share to Earn.

The more you share, the more you earn and the higher you can go, to become Senior Online Shopper who now can also become our Associate Merchant to promote and or sell their products and services to a worldwide group of Shoppers without spending thousands of dollars to invest in a system. Besides, online shopper will get 100% Cash Back Point from online spending. And cash back point can be spent to do shopping at Cash Back Showroom up to 50%.

Zinopi Online Shoppers (ZOS) also receive discount coupons to get more benefits at our appointed offline outlets, example our F&B outlets for more valuable dining. Online Shoppers can also upgrade to become On Franchise Owner (OFO) by purchasing a Health Gift Package at only SGD 66.00 and receive an E-Entrepreneur Plan to earn their first Million Dollar Income + many more benefits !!!

Zinopi provide a platform for Worldwide Manufacturers, Suppliers and Merchants to directly sell and supply superior products or services excluding all the middlemen to our Online Shoppers worldwide. And it is free to join as Online Merchant as well at Zinopi platform. Merchant’s benefits will be Worldwide Markets, Zero platform fees, Free online store setup, Real-time sales notification and Delivery services provided.

Zinopi is The New Generation of Smart Online Shoppers!
Now Everyone Can Shop, Can Earn, Can Learn, Can Enjoy, Can Be Healthy & Wealthy!
Turn all your Shopping, Spending & Sharing into Earning!

Welcome To The Future of Smart Shoppers & Consumerpreneurs!
Your Shopping Become Your Earning
Your Spending Become Your Investment
Your Sharing Become Your Assets

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