AquaSense Exfoliating Cream 30ml Tube 去角質乳霜

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AquaSense Exfoliating Cream 30ml Tube 去角質乳霜

Exfoliation — A Vital Weekly Routine for Result-oriented Skin Care

The healthy skin is characterised by a metabolic cycle lasting for 21 to 28 days. En route the metabolic process, new cells generated in the basal layer push their way up, forming keratinised cells or cutin on the horny layer. In the wake of a poor health condition and as we grow older, along with a decreasing metabolic rate, the eventuality of these cutin is maturing into aged cutin that start to build up on the skin’s surface. In the event that the aged cutin or dead skin cells are not removed in an appropriate manner and on a regular basis, our facial skin will lose its lustre and turn rough, resulting in a dull complexion and the formation of fine lines, to the extent that even the absorption rate of skin care ingredients could be compromised! As such, if you are keen to regain your once radiant, smooth, and delicate skin, by all means give due emphasis to exfoliation.

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